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Resulting from scientific collaborations since 1980, Phyto-Elan was created around a simple philosophy: to exploit the natural properties of plants and their active ingredients to create highly effective domestic products or very specific industrial applications, while preserving the end-user and his environment.
In fact, most products on the market today focus on performance rather than environmental impact.
In some areas, their use, sometimes improper, leads to allergic hypersensitivity of the population and a significant environmental impact.

Innovating for well-being

Phyto-Elan’s development potential is supported by a strong R&D activity. It drives the improvement of existing lines of products and the discovery of new formulas.

A group of expert researchers from universities and private organizations combine daily their skills in the fields of liquid/solid interaction processes, surface physico-chemistry, chemistry, aromatherapy, medicine and biology.

Through its solid experience, this team relies on its recognized skills:

  • To develop innovative formulas for the body, the home, the working environment, the animals and in the medical field.
  • To develop an upstream database of literature on the applications of plants and essential oils in the field of human and veterinary comfort and health.

Did you know?

Throughout human history, plants have always been widely used. First of all for food, then for cosmetics and medicine.

Since 5,000 B.C. plates and papyrus with cuneiform writings testify about the use of plants. Clinical records and literature from ancient Europe describe several hundred plants and their uses. They continued to be a reference until the 18th century.

The development of trade routes to the East and the discovery of the New World enriched the plant therapeutic arsenal and the pharmacopoeia.

In the 19th century, the rapid progress of systematic botany and the reign of chemists isolated an impressive series of molecules: morphine, codeine, salicylic acid, and so forth.

Over the past few decades, scientific research has led to a better understanding of the biological mechanisms of action of these natural substances, the design of formulas with optimized performances and the control of undesirable and environmental effects. The BIO trends and the global ecological awareness make this segment particularly promising, boosting interest in the use of plant-derived substances.


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